Congratulations!  We are delighted you have chosen to be married at Bond Head United Church!  We will do our best to help you plan a wedding that meets your needs and fits your own personalized tastes. It is our intent to help you plan for a meaningful milestone in your partnership together. We look forward to celebrating this happy occasion with you! 

Your first step is to contact the church 905-775-2512 and make sure the church is available on the date you desire.  Dates are available on a first come, first served basis. Our small, quaint country church holds 120 guests comfortably.  Additional seating may be provided.  An organ, a piano, and a sound system is available in our church.

It is the responsibility of the bride and groom to make all contacts regarding the minister, soloist, organist, florist, and photographer etc.

If an order of service (wedding program) is desired, the preparation and printing is the responsibility of the church office and officiating minister.

Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed in or around the building.

The throwing of rice or confetti is no longer permitted in the church. 

Premarital Counselling
Premarital counselling is required with the couple prior to the wedding. 
This will be conducted either by the officiating minister or by another minister with training in pre-marital counseling.  Generally, two or three sessions are required.

Marriage License
This official document is to be obtained and purchased no sooner than three months before your wedding day.
It may be obtained at any town hall or city hall in Ontario. This marriage license must be presented to the minister no later than the night of the couple’s wedding rehearsal.
The wedding ceremony cannot begin without a valid marriage license. 

This is a must for any couple choosing to be married at Bond Head United Church.
It is a non-negotiable.
About one hour should be allowed for the rehearsal and everyone in the wedding party should be present and show up at the designated time.
The rehearsal is typically held the night before the wedding day.  Please note, if fees have not been paid up until the time of the rehearsal, this would be the time to do so.

Wedding Director
A Wedding Director will assist you on your special day – organizing the wedding party from the back of the church and helping with incidentals like flowers  and water etc. The wedding director will assist with the coordination and preparation for the wedding rehearsal and the ceremony on the big day. They will also work closely with the officiating minister. 
The Wedding Director is also responsible for the opening and closing of the church on the day of the rehearsal and the wedding day. 
The Wedding Director is also responsible for being at the church to receive flowers from the florist ahead of time on the day of the wedding.

Today, everyone is a photographer!  However, the use of  personal devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, or any other similar devices are not permitted to be used by wedding guests during the ceremony. We welcome the taking of candid and posed photographs before or after the ceremony.  The professional photographers are to chat with the minister before the ceremony begins. 

How much?  What will it cost to have my wedding at Bond Head United Church? Church Sanctuary:  $150.00
Custodian: (responsible for having sanctuary in pristine condition for the wedding ceremony and clean up following the ceremony.)   $75.00
Wedding Director: $75.00
Organist:  $150.00
Officiating Minister: $300.00 ( offsite including gas and mileage $500.00)

Please note all fees must be paid in full and in advance of wedding preferably two weeks, but no later than the night of the rehearsal.  Separate envelopes for each participant are appreciated.

The Minister at Bond Head United Church
Diane Knowles is an Ordained United Church of Canada Minister joyously serving a vibrant and thriving congregation at Bond Head United Church. She has been serving as our minister since her ordination in 2007.
Rev. Diane is committed to making your day unforgettable!
She can adapt to any style of wedding be it formal or relaxed.  Her creative and outgoing spirit will ensure your special day reflects your values and your dreams.  Oh, and there’s always an element of fun!  Whether you want a traditional or contemporary ceremony, intimate or large, Rev. Diane will work with you to make your day an awesome God inspired and love filled moment.

You may contact Margaret, the church secretary at 905-775-2512
or Rev. Diane at 705-725-1958 to start your wedding ball rolling.

“ May your hands be forever clasped in friendship and
Your hearts forever tied in love.”