Legacy Gifts

What will your legacy be?

People in the United Church of Canada have boundless potential to impact the future. Leaving a legacy gift is a gift of love to the world, a gift of grace to our children and is a reflection of you in the future of the Church.

Creating a legacy gift can be a lot like turning water into wine. For example, a gift of life insurance can create abundance in the future from your ordinary income now. Or perhaps you have an old policy that no longer serves its original purpose. Why not make the church the owner and/or beneficiary so it will reap the harvest?

There are other ways, too, through a bequest in your will, a United Church gift annuity, or a gift of securities, designating the area of the church’s mission that moves in your heart.

For 87 years, The United Church of Canada and its congregations have built a legacy as a prophetic, uniquely Canadian, voice in the world. It has made the ministry of Jesus a reality where and when it has been most needed, both in Canada and around the world. You, too, can become a benefactor of the future.

You could name your congregation, Mission and Service program, or any other United Church ministry, fund or program.

Please consider leaving your precious Legacy Gift, such as a bequest in your will, a gift of securities or a gift through life insurance.

To discuss a Legacy Gift please contact us.


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