Our Minister

A minister is a person who helps people understand how they experience God in the world. Our experiences of God are as diverse as we are.  Whether we understand God as a divine being, or Creation, or Love itself, a minister is there to help us bring those experiences into perspective.  A minister also leads a community of faith by helping to manage the church building, implement policies that protect and serve the vulnerable and to be a source of outreach and support to the community.

Our minister is Patti Rodgers.  Patti grew up in Mount Albert and has lived in Innisfil all her adult life.  She trained for ministry at Emmanuel College, University of Toronto, and the United Church Training Centre at Calling Lakes in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, and has been in lay ministry, both as a vocation and a volunteer for over 20 years.  Her previous experience includes work at the General Council Office in the Office of the Moderator and General Secretary, Aboriginal Ministries (now called the Indigenous Ministries Circle) and at Toronto Conference deployed to Living Waters Presbytery.  She also worked as a law clerk in general and family law practice for 25 years.  

Patti  is passionate about living in right relationship with Indigenous People, living with respect in Creation and music.  Every song is a prayer and every prayer is a song!  

Patti a member of the Simcoe County Alliance to End Homelessness and the Affordable Housing Task Force.   She is also involved in mental health and wellness initiatives in our area.  She has extensive experience with persons experiencing a mental health diagnosis or crisis, and providing palliative care and grief support.  

She is a writer, a musician, a mom, and a grandmother.    

Patti’s approach to ministry is open and inclusive, laid back, and easy-going – come as you are when you can.  Being involved in a church is a good way to learn about yourself, and get the support you need to be who you want to be.  Through group discussions and one-on-one conversations, Patti’s mission is to help you find yourself, love yourself, and experience the love of God made known through the teachings of a man called Jesus.  

You can reach Patti at patti@bondheadunitedchurch.ca.

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